It's a Blue December!


12/16/10  Blueberries are my pick of the month for December!  Blues (that is how we refer to them in the produce business) are coming from Argentina and Chile (mostly Chile now) and they are really sweet!  I love the flavor and I love all the healthy antioxidants they are loaded with.  Although, they are not packed in full pints (they come in 6oz containers), you will  find them at very reasonable prices at this time of the year. I love blueberries in my cereal, but mostly eat them plain out of the container (Tip: only wash just before using, store in the coldest part of your refrigerator and they will last 5 to 7 days), how do you enjoy blueberries?


One more recommendation for December is fresh Bing Cherries.  I know this is not the time of year, but they are coming from Chile and season is short for cherries so enjoy them now in December, because the will not be around long.