Seedling Farms Peaches Local!

8/10  Peapod always seeks out the best in local produce and this week we are proud to feature fresh picked orchard peaches from Seedling Farms in Michigan.  These peaches are left on the tree to ripen longer creating delicious flavor and they are so sweet!  Typically, these peaches (red haven variety one of the best if not the best tasting variety)  are usually only available at local farmers market like Chicago's Green City and Evanston's Farmer's Market, but this month you can buy these great tasting local peaches from Peapod. Enjoy and remember to leave fruit out at room temperature until soft to touch then eat or refrigerate and do not store in direct sunlight.


great blog! I really enjoyed reading your article. Love to see you do a comparison on the Maqui Berry vs the Blueberry in nutrient profile.

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