Organic Produce for Kids


6/4 There has been recent studies looking at the effects of pesticides on young children and their developing bodies.  If this is concern for you, the produce items that may contain the most residual pesticides and ones that you should choose an organic option are:

#1 Strawberries: Hands down this is #1!  Because of their susceptibility to disease, their growing proximity to the soil (the soils are treated with herbicides and pesticides) and their surface area with all the indentations (can harbor residual pesticides that will not wash off easily) strawberries would be my #1 choice to feed children.  I will also add that while I do not believe this is true for all organic produce, organic strawberries to me consistently taste much better! 

#2 Apples:  A little known produce industry secret is that apples are treated with a lot chemicals to ensure regular shape, besides pesticides to prevent insect damage.  Next time you have a chance take a look at an organic and a conventional apple and you will see a much more irregular shape to the organic one.  Also because you want to eat the skin of the apple where must of the nutrients and health benefits are contained it may also harbor some of these chemicals and pesticides as well.

#3 Spinach:  Because of their close proximity to the soil, and it's delicate nature (does not stand up to strong rinsing) spinach is one that I usually recommend an organic choice.

CNN posted an article a while back on what they termed the dirty dozen produce items:

Celery,Peaches,Strawberries, Apples, Domestic blueberries, Nectarines, Sweet bell peppers, Spinach, kale and collard greens, Cherries, Potatoes, Imported grapes, Lettuce.

I have given you my top 3 items, produce like potatoes, celery, and peppers while true may contain higher amounts of pesticides they are more easily washed off because their surface lends to easy cleaning.  A rule of thumb is if it is grown in the ground and you do eat the skin vs. peeling like an orange or pineapple, then an organic choice is advisable if this is concern of yours especially for children.


"A rule of thumb is if it is grown in the ground and you do eat the skin vs. peeling like an orange or pineapple, then an organic choice is advisable"
I have not heard this. Great information! Thank you!

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