Are you Feeling Blue...berry?

6/15/10  What's cheap, plentiful and oh so Delicious... Blueberries!  Blueberries are plentiful this weekend and on sale!  Blues (as we refer to them in the produce industry) are one of the healthiest fruits or vegetables you can eat.  They are backed full of anti-oxidants (comes from the blue color), that studies show prevent some forms of cancer, heart disease and if you  consume enough blueberries it can actually reverse the aging process.  Before you get any ideas I've read you have to eat at least 2 full pints of blueberries everyday, that's a lot of berries.  But even if you do not eat 2 full pints, anything you eat you will enjoy and you will be healthier for it.


Fresh blueberry first pick I really love to eat this in the morning.

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