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5/13 First, I would like to thank all the Mom bloggers who took the time to tour Peapod's facilities in Washington D.C and Chicago.  It was great to meet everyone and I admire your blogs and the effort you put into sharing your knowledge, your fun, and your experience with everyone.  I aways enjoy talking to customers and potential customers about Peapod.  I especially enjoy talking about my produce and it appeared quite a few of you enjoyed my tips about produce.  So here are some quick produce updates for this week:


They are here, the first cherries of the Season in Peapod by Giant and Peapod Chicago!  A word of warning they are expensive as they are the first of the season, but the quality is good and I give them 6.5 on the flavor scale.  As I was tasting them, my produce assistant remarked how much he loved cherries and how he missed the flavor, so all cherry lovers should love the taste. 

Next are the first peaches of the year, the flavor of peaches at the beginning of the season is always better than nectarines so that is why I am recommending peaches.  Tip:  when choosing peaches avoid peaches with greenish hue or background as this usually indicates under-ripe fruit.

Lastly, I really love the asparagus!  In Chicago it is coming locally from Michigan and don't forget vidalia onions on sale and some of the sweetest vidalias in recent memory.



It was a pleasure to meet you, Tony, and you give a great tour!

You were right on Peapod's quality. I ordered a TON of produce this week and the kids went crazy. We've been munching on it all week. Here are some photos:

I find your brussel sprouts too large and tough. I would like them smaller and more tender. Can you do something about this? Thanks.

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