Basil_2To make Basil last longer, store it at room temperature with the stem in a glass of cold water or in refrigerator drawer turned up to the highest temperature setting.  Basil will turn black at temperatures below 55 degrees. To cut basil without it turning black, most chefs will stack the basil leaves one on top of another then roll them like you were rolling a cigar, then slice from one end to the other, unfurl the basil and you have beautiful julienne basil (that will not turn black) that is best atop fresh Mozzarella and Tomato or use to garnish any dish meat or seafood dish.  Finely chop the leaves and toss with flour for coating poultry, chops and vegetables. A good ratio is a tablespoon per cup of flour. Add up to two tablespoons chopped fresh basil per cup of batter.