What's Good in Produce these Days?

2/23/11  With the historic freeze in Mexico, preceded by freezes in California, Arizona and Florida and not to mention the deluge of  rains hitting the west coast.  What is good in produce these days?  I know this sounds kind of strange recommending in February, but you will find strawberries to be of exceptional quality and flavor.  One of the best kept secrets is that February/March is a good time of the year for strawberries.  Strawberries come from the southern growing regions of California at this time of the year and the plants are very hardy and vigorous producing beautiful red ripe fruit.  It ia also cooler during this time, which strawberries like and they can grow even bigger than during the spring and summer, because heat inhibits their growth.  Moms and Dads, if there is one fruit kids will choose over candy, it is strawberries and remember strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, more than any other berry.  Tip:  Only wash just before consuming and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator.


Thank you for the tip Tony. I will add strawberries to my delivery for Monday.

Great insights because I gain some information about strawberries that it is also rich in vitamin C like guava fruits.

I never knwe that Strawberry contain vitamin c in it, this is a orettygood tip because they can be substituted for oranges

Such a very great tips and idealism you have shared with us. Thank you for these.
I find it very interesting and i know many readers will benefit on it.

It's hard to eat right and get my vitamin C from food. I end up taking vitamin pills instead. I always get sick, what vitamins do you think are best?

Yeah my wife is obsessed with strawberries but im not as big a fan. Good to know some tips about them though

Thanks for the strawberry tips..LOve them sooo much

the safety of my veggies is a big deal. i expect nothing but the best when it comes to my produce and what i put into my body.

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