Amazing Pomegranates!

10/26/10 The amount of fresh whole pomegranates Peapod sells each year is amazing to me!  What do customers do with this rather odd fruit?  I hope most customers are enjoying the the seeds within the pomegranate, they are called the arils and are the edible part of the fruit, sweet and delicious. They can be used in salads or served alongside chicken or fish dishes or simply eatened out of hand.  Tip: the best way to seed a pomegrante is cutting it into sections then submerging the sections in a bowl of water and seperating the seeds from the pulp.  The seeds will fall to the bottom of the bowl and you can skim off the white inedible pulp. 

Another use is juicing the pomegranate seeds, recently pomegranate juice, tea and even ice cream have become popular because of  published health benefits from preventing heart disease, certain forms of cancer and to lowering blood pressure.  Packed full of antioxidants (think color, fruit or vegetables with color usually contain high amounts of anti oxidants), pomegranates are good for your health.

I know of some customers who like to use pomegranates as decorations as part of a fall theme with mini pumpkins, and gords, because left out at room temperature pomegranates dry out (do not spoil) and look rather fallish. 

Tip: When choosing a pomegranate look for nice ruby color (in my years of experience this indicates sweetness), and also heavy fruit this indicates full of seeds. They are best stored in the refrigerator where they can last a month or even more. We are in the prime season for pomegranates right now through Thanksgiving!


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