When is an Avocado Ripe?

4/28/10   It's that time of year when Cinco de Mayo is just right around the corner and many of us will celebrating the Mexican/American holiday with some cool refreshing Cerveza, plenty of Mexican food and the ever ubiquitous Guacamole.  So I thought it appropriate to tell everyone the best way to choose a ripe avocado besides buying it from Peapod.  In the produce world when we look for whether an avocado is ready or not we often refer to the button on the avocado.  The button is the the very top portion of the avocado where it attaches to the tree.  There is usually a remnant of the stem and that is what we call the button.  Now gently take your thumb nail and apply slight upward pressure, if the button pops off then the avocado is ready to be enjoyed.  Then next thing you want to examine is the area underneath the button, it should be a nice green color, that means the avocado is green on the inside if the area underneath the button is dark then it means the avocado is overripe and brown inside.  If the button does not pop off it still needs to ripen on the kitchen counter away from sunlight.  Putting it in a paper bag will help it ripen more quickly. 

I hope this tip will help you enjoy more avocados, because avocados are extremely healthy for you with the highest amount of Vitamin E and studies have shown eating more avocados in your diet have lowered cholesterol and help prevent strokes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer. 


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