They're Here...Vidalia Onions!

4/30  Who is an onion lover?  I am!  Big, small, round, oblong, red, white... I like them all, but I particular LOVE Vidalia onions.  I am happy to announce yours and mine favorite sweet onion has arrived and is available for purchase.  I was just out back in the produce cooler and was pleasantly surprised on how large the first vidalia's are and also how sweet.  Because of the cool, wet winter/spring this years crop of vidalias onions promise to be one of the sweetest on record!  But a word of warning it also looks to be a small crop so we may not see vidalias past June, so enjoy them while you can.  Also, you can check out Peapod's website, go to the produce tab for a very easy tasty recipe. 


Hello Tony,
It was great meeting you at the Peapod tour last Thursday. What a great blog filled with produce tips!!! I had a great time at Peapod and learned a lot. Thank you. Adriana from

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