Great Tasting Asparagus

4/5/10  I just want everyone to know how great the asparagus is tasting!  It is some of the sweetest asparagus I have tasted in the last few years.  The best way I like to serve asparagus is roasted:  Cut off the bottom woody part leaving 2" to 3" of tender sweet tip, toss with a little olive oil (always extra-virgin), some kosher salt and pepper and put on a baking sheet and roast in a 450 degree oven for 8 minutes or just until it begins to brown/golden.  TIP:  just before serving drizzle with a fresh squeeze lemon, not too much just enough to accent the flavor.  The lemon will make the asparagus burst with flavor!   


I've roasted asparagus recently, just like Tony does, but I sprinkled it with some sesame seed as well. Sesame seeds are high in calcium so it's a nutritional boost.

I bought asparagus at Stop and Shop a few weeks ago and my family liked it so much I barely got any. Last week when I ordered from Peapod I got 2 bunches, there were no left overs! Usually my family barely touches anything green. I love asparagus and must say it is fantastic this year! I've never roasted it, I usually sautee it in a little a little olive oil, I think I'll try it in the oven next time.

My husband did a bunch on the grill last week and Wed I put them in a little water, with lots of butter and microwaved them for 7 min.
Um um good !
I am going to tell try them in the oven next time.
Thanks for the 'tips'.

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